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Lei (Nico) Zheng

Hi, I'm from Zhejiang province in China. Currently a third year Ph.D. student at Stevens, NJ. Passionate about data science, NLP, music, and manga.

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• I am a PhD Student in Data Science, supervised by Prof. Nickerson and Prof. Mai.

• I use machine learning, NLP, and econometric models to study how people and machines coordinated and self-organized to achieve collective intelligence .

• I received a Data Analytics Master's degree from Stevens ,
and a Economics Bachelor's degree from SWUFE .

Work Experience

• Before I came to the United States, I worked two years at startups in Shanghai.

• I am a Data Scientist and a Manager at MarcPoint Tech.

• I did an internship at Accenture, working as a Data Analyst.

Computer Skills

• My favorite language is Python, but I can also write R, Matlab, Java, and C++.

• I use Stata for econometric modeling and TensorFlow for Neural Network modeling.

• I cannot sleep at night if I have not committed my code.

You can also download my full CV.