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Lei (Nico) Zheng

Hi, I'm from Zhejiang province in China. Currently a third year Ph.D. student at Stevens, NJ. Passionate about data science, NLP, music, and manga.

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Me in a Nutshell

Hi! This is Nico Zheng (a.k.a Lei Zheng). Influenced by an article, I decided to become a Data Scientist in 2014. After two years data mining work in Shanghai, I came to the US to keep further study. Currently, I am a third-year Ph.D. Student in Data Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, advised by Prof. Jeffrey V. Nickerson and Prof. Feng Mai.

My research interests are Applied Machine Learning, Collective Intelligence, Natural Language Processing/Generation, and Social Network Analysis motivated by a broader range of real-world problems. I published in both the Information Systems and the CHI communities.

As a typical INTJ type, I like to play with new techs and programming in my daily life. My favorite language is python. I love github, jupyter and markdown. I don't like std::string name="xyz" and public new class{}. I fall asleep when I see a 40 pages paper.

News and Events

  • 11/2019 Presented our Bots paper in ACM CSCW 2019, TX!
  • 09/2019 Our Bots Taxonomy paper has received an Honorable Mention Award in ACM CSCW!
  • 09/2019 Write a blog post for our Bots Taxonomy paper at ACM CSCW!
  • 09/2019 Our Bursty paper is accepted to AIS ICIS 2019. Hallo m√ľnchen! See you this December!
  • 07/2019 Our Bots Taxonomy paper is accepted to ACM CSCW 2019.
  • 12/2018 Present the Bursty Simulation paper at ICIS WITS 2018 in San Francisco, CA.
  • 10/2018 Our Bursty Simulation paper is accepted to ICIS WITS 2018.